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About Endina L.


I have always had a strong desire to write erotic romance stories with female leads who are as passionate as they are strong.  Women who have no boundaries when it comes to fulfilling their sexual desires.  Tanya’s HEAT is the first in a series of planned stories and sequels that convey my views of uninhibited passionate women.  I feel what I write and I hope that my readers will also.

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Tanya's HEAT is the first in a series of erotic short novels about uninhibited women who desire a deeper level of sexual satisfaction. These confident women have no boundaries in their pursuit of the perfect sexual mate. Some are on a journey of sexual self-discovery while others seek to push themselves to their sexual limits. Although their methods may vary, they are all committed to sexual pleasure.

Tanya is no exception as she searches for someone who can fulfill her pleasure "bucket list."

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